Create Deeper Rapport & Connection

As we progress in our growth, it is imperative to understand the importance of your relationships to feel that you fully belong and are a valuable contributor to life. Discover the law of priority and techniques to connect more deeply in all of your relationships. Discover how to move past your resistance to being more fully connected with others.

Conscious connection is a choice. Being present, awake and engaged with others. You can discover the joy of belonging as you learn how to deepen your connection with others.

Time: 65 minutes

Purchase Once and Obtain Lifetime Access to this Course. Listen as often as you like in the future. This is essential class for your metaphysical toolbox.

Discover Two Universal Laws that Influence Your Relationships

How to Feel More Comfortable Expressing Yourself to Others

The Art of Connection

Fun and Easy Techniques

Guided Meditation to Open Your Heart

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The Magic of Forgiveness •

Magic of Forgiveness

Discover the miracles of magic that forgiveness can provide in your life. Forgiveness is a Soul quality. Learn the clues if you're ready to forgive as well as the seven steps to successful forgive yourself and others.
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Being Loved •

Being Loved By Life!

Being loved is an essential need we all have. We resist love and opt for our egos games that leads us to loneliness and despair. The first step of belonging is your willingness to give love, receive love and then to lift to a higher octave of being loved by God-Goddess-All-That-Is.
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